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Who We Are

Learning Lingos is a multi lingual platform for children between the age of 2-12. We offer fun, interactive and engaging virtual classes in English, Spanish and French.
Instructors at Learning Lingos are proficient native speakers from around the world who strive to take the child on this beautiful journey of learning a new language(s)

Our Founder

Eshleen Kaur herself a native spanish speaker also proficient in English and Hindi curates the syllabus using her extensive experience of working with children over the
last few years.

Why Learning Lingos

Whether you’d like your child to make Spanish speaking friends, or learn to sing English songs, or be able to order a sandwich in a Paris café one day, the truth is that every language will help your child expand their horizons in one way or another. Learn about the 4 most important benefits of learning any of our Learning Lingos languages and book a trial class for your child today!

The most widely
spoken Languages

Did you know that at Learning Lingos we teach the most widely spoken
languages 1:4/the
Pepttiattanf.Based on the number of native speakers, Spanish is officially the
second most spoken language, ranking ahead of English. French is spoken by
thousands of people in the European Union and in Canada! Contact us and we’ll
let you know whether that language you want for your child is available!

A child today, an adult
tomorrow: greater access to
a global job market

Learning one of Learning Lingos languages will help your child improve their job opportunities and develop their professional career, in the future. Because French, Spanish and English, among others, are the languages of the Internet, learning a language at Learning Lingos will soon give your child the tools to have access to world information and communicate effective’ with people globally!

Trot the world

If you like traveling the world, any of Learning Lingos Languages will surely come in handy. Enjoy a family trip to France and watch your child order a baguette, or learn from your child as they say ‘Buenos dias! to the hotel receptionist in Madrid. Whether it is English, French, Spanish, or any other language Learning Lingos offers, a foreign language will give your child the tools to communicate their ideas wherever they go — and understand the world in a different way!

Music is the reason

Many people say that Spanish or French “sound so beautiful”. When they listen to English, Spanish or French songs at Learning Lingos, children feel happy, and eager to move and dance. The cheerful rhythms and vibrant music, are contagious–and this applies to every language, doesn’t it? Then, why not learning a language to enjoy the music it has to offer? Let you child enjoy the best songs in any of the languages we offer at our Learning Lingos sessions today!

Our Courses

We accompany you in the important mission of educating your children with the best digital experiences. Leaning Lingos offers English, Spanish and French virtual programs for children aged 2through 12. Learn about our programs, find the perfect course for your child and book your trial lesson today!

Our Age Groups and Weekly Sessions

Age group 2-6 courses, aimed at age groups 2-6 consist of two 30-minutes classes weekly. Since younger children have shorter attention spans, we provide them with short but exciting sessions, full of movement, music and play!

Age group 7-12 courses, aimed at age groups 7-12 consist of two 30-minutes classes weekly. Since younger children have shorter attention spans, we provide them with short but exciting sessions, full of movement, music and play!

At Learning Lingos, we respect children’s natural developmental characteristics.
In our virtual classrooms, children spend quality time with real classmates fo their same age!




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