Parents Testimonials


"My son enjoys his Mandarin class with Learning Lingos because of how much fun he has, which makes learning a bliss... After every course, the student receives a certificate, which gets the kids so excited since they see actual proof of their achievement."


"I was unsure about enrolling my daughter at such a young age, but I'd hear great things about Learning Lingos, so I went ahead with it. I'm glad I did because I was not disappointed. They have really good Mandarin classes online. She's doing great, all thanks to the amazing teachers!"


"The teachers are so warm and welcoming. The staff is really supportive too, as they help you out with admission procedures and in any other way they can... The small groups allow for the teachers to focus on every student's performance."

About the language

你好(Nǐ hǎo)!

Chinese is one of the oldest languages, with thousands of years of history. Mandarin, one of the dialects of the language, is the most spoken language in the world, with about 1.3 billion people speaking a variety of Chinese as their first language. It is also one of the 6 official UN languages, including  Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish. Learning the language and understanding the culture gives an individual an upper hand in the competitive world, and gives them the ability to communicate with more people in various parts of the world.