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Learning a language gives shape to your imagination.
Go on dream big!

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The advantages of learning foreign languages are mushrooming as the world becomes increasingly globalized and bilingualism is now perhaps the most powerful tool ever.

How this all started

IIn today’s world of constant evolution and globalization, with the integration of technology, people, their culture and languages, growing up with a certain know-how of such is always helpful. 

Our aim, here at Learning Lingos, is to provide the care and knowledge required to learn new languages. We offer online classes to learn Spanish, French and Mandarin with native teachers, who along with exposing the students to the proper accent and pronounciation, will also connect them to the culture of the dialect as well.

Students are also allotted small groups and are allowed leeway in choosing a suitable time slot to fit as per their day’s schedule. We understand that learning a new language can be a foreign, and rather scary experience which is why we provide offline support such as reading, audio and video material which the student can use to practice at home in their own time. In no time, the student will find themselves being able to handle themselves in the new language, and will be fluent in no time!

Mrs. Eshleen Jolly (Founder)

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