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French or Français pronounced Frawn-Se, the language of love, has that “Je ne sais quoi” (zheh neh seh kwah), don’t you think? That indescribable quality which is mesmerising, sounds effortless and oh so elegant!With Learning Lingos, you too can order like a local at your favourite restaurant with that perfect French accent and pronunciation.

Why Learn French

Did you know that almost 45% of English words originated from French? There are about 220 million French speakers worldwide and it is the official language of 29 countries.


Improves Your Skills

Be better at problem solving, creativity, Math & grasping new concepts

Become Better Listener

Foreign language study greatly enhances your listening skills & memory

Cultural Awareness

Open doors to a diverse culture of food, art, music & literature

Professional Growth

Being multilingual can fast-track your career to access international opportunities.

Form Deep Bonds

New language allows us to connect with people on a deeper level

Be a Smart Learner

Multilingual students can concentrate better & have increased grey matter and brain connectivity

Better Travel Experiences

Don’t just be a tourist. Be a local and experience the cuisine & culture of the country

To Boost Creativity

Foreign language study also enhances cognitive flexibility, divergent thinking and creative expression

Make a Difference

Did you know French, Spanish, Chinese are 3 of the 6 official languages of United Nations!

Our French Language programs:

Our language program offers an enjoyable and practical learning experience for students worldwide. We use engaging tools like flashcards, music, storybooks, games, and an informative website to enhance learning.

Young Chamars 2 to 6 years Curious learners 7 to 11 years Blossomed beginners 12 to 18 years
  • Basics of the language
  • Cognitive enhancement through visual aids
  • master fine motor-skills through pasting, colouring, and creating innovative French art.
  • Beginners to intermediate level of French
  • Provide personalized worksheets
  • Intensive learning through videos, images , games and quizzes
  • Beginners to advance level of French
  • Achieve 4 aspects of the language : speaking, listening, writing and reading
  • Become experts through rigorous classes

Learn a foreign language today!


Embrace the opportunity to engage with different learning styles and backgrounds, enriching your educational journey.

Meet Our Team

We take pride in our selection of language instructors. Our Native and certified teachers come from diverse backgrounds & different countries with years of experience under their belt. However, one common yet important quality among all our instructors is the care and patience with which they guide students. They encourage interpersonal communication in the online classes among peers. Small batches allow the teachers to give students enough individual attention so that they blossom into confident multilinguals.

Learning Lingos teacher
Ms. Priyanka
Ms. Pallavi
Ms. Mahin
Ms. Sejal
Ms. Kirti
Ms. Shalini

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